Thursday, March 10, 2011

More letters to come...

I apologize for not posting any letters recently,first my youngest daughter has hurt her foot playing tennis and then we've been having our contractor finish up our kitchen,which has been taking longer than he said it would...he now claims it will be done by Friday...we'll see. ;) A word of advice,if you ever get a contractor,write how many days he says in the contract,we didn't and ours comes whenever he wants...sometimes 2 hours after the time he says.ugh!Anyways,we have a lot more letters to share with you all once I can get some free time to post.I think my lack of posting has stopped people from signing up,the last 5 days we haven't had one single sign up,so things have really slowed down and we haven't gotten any letters in the past 2 days,so it's a little saddening,but we're not giving up.We have had so much fun reading the letters,it has been amazing!Please bare with us for updates and please continue to help spread the word,thanks! :)


  1. i hope you are doing well with this. did you receive letter? i realized that i wont be able to complete the goals i had set for i took a step back. now i am just writing letters and doing mailart for fun. with out any numbers in place.
    love, ria

    Best wishes for your daughter

  2. Hope her foot heals soon! Sport-related injuries are the worst. And my family has had their share of contractor dealings... =P I can sympathize.

    I have some time to gather some things from our local museum tomorrow then I'll be putting together a letter this week! =)


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