Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Answers to some questions...

Hello everybody!I have gotten quite a few questions lately so let me answer them really quickly.I have been asked if we will reply to all the letters,unfortunately at this time,finances prevent us from answering every letter,although we are planning to keep in touch with a few.This doesn't mean that if we don't write to you,we didn't appreciate your letter.We would love to answer every letter,but it may take us some time to reply back,so I hope you can be patient with us.I have also been asked that if we have gotten a letter from a certain country or state,do we want another letter from there.Of course we do!We wouldn't be able to reach our goal as easily if we limited ourselves.Every person has a different perspective of their area and has something different to share and chances are you may not even live in the same city,so yes,please write to us no matter if we received a letter from your state or country,that's ok.

Another question we have been asked is if a person can write more than once.Of course we are thrilled to get more letters about where you live,etc. but we are only counting letters from different individuals because we really do want to hear from as many different people as possible.Please feel free to write more letters to us and we will try our best to respond back so that we can keep in touch.I would never pass up any learning opportunity for my children.Just let us know that this is your second letter and you have more to share with us so we know that you would like to keep writing to us and I will try to have my kids reply back with any more questions they may have.It has been really fun for us all learning about so many different places.

We still have many letters to share with you all but we have been so busy with homeschooling and trying to reply to everybody that wants to join our project and reading the letters,so I hope you can all be patient with us.We decided it would be faster to read each letter then post it as opposed to trying to read all the letters first and then posting them.Just look at Saturday's mail below:

Thanks again to everybody who has or will write to us.Every day I am amazed at how many people email us asking to join and want to help us with our project!There are so many kind and generous people in the world and we have been blessed to have been contacted by them.We really do appreciate you taking time out of your day to write to us and post a letter in the mail to us!With every sign up,we get so excited about getting closer to our goal...we really believe we can reach it!Thanks to you all for making our goal a possible reality!

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    Please visit this page and help out if you can. This is a 3rd grader and she is working hard on collecting cards.

    Thanks for helping out girls


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