Saturday, March 5, 2011

Letter #37 from Texas

This wonderful package arrived from Maria in Jasper,Texas.We used to visit Houston quite a bit when we lived in Louisiana since it was only about  2 1/2 hours away from us (I don't remember how far that is from Jasper).We never really looked around like I wish we had,but oh well.We usually would visit the Galleria Mall (I think that was the name of it) and eat out and really that was it,it was just a quick trip just to get out of town for a while.So it's really nice to get this package about Houston and Jasper.

She sent us a pretty long letter,which we love.She says Jasper is a small town close to the Angelina National Forest.They also live near a lake and she says there are many camgrounds and that the town holds fishing tournaments.

She moved to Jasper with her husband after being born and raised in Houston and so before they moved,she was interested in researching the city.She found out that the town was names after William Jasper in 1835,before that it was known as Snow River or Bevil's Settlement.I think I would have preferred them keep it as Snow River...sounds so beautiful!

She said her birthday is coming up in May...I wonder what day,mine is May 4th,so we are 3 years apart...I won't be telling my age. ;) Her and her husband have 3 small dogs and two cats,one of the cats is named Ginger,but they almost named her Pumpkin since she was found close to Halloween.I love both names. :)

Marie loves to watch cary movies...I used to enjoy scary movies as a kid...I was a kid when movies like Nightmare on Elm street & Chucky came out.My mom and I loved to watch them late at night and be scared to death.

She told us about how she has a younger sister living in Houston that she is really close to but can't see her as often since they have moved out of town.I hope Marie has seen her recently.She gave my daughters some great advice,to stay close and be there for each other.I think it will be sad for us when our daughters leave home because chances are they could all move away and not be as close because of the distance and I feel that it's so important to always have your sister there for you because she knows you better than any of your friends will ever know you and she will always want the best for you and be totally honest with you.

Marie works at a local health agency where she helps get supplies to the elderly and handicapped clients they have.She loves her job very much.She really enjoys talking to her clients.She said most of them are so lonely,their families rarely visit them and sometimes she's the only person some have to talk to.It is really sad when we see that happening in our great country.We should look at the other countries that treat their elderly with the respect that they deserve.They are so wise and have so many great things to share and have great advice,but we dump them off at nursing homes and never look back.Please don't think that I feel this way about every family.I do not mean that all people who bring their families to nursing homes are bad people or neglect their elderly relatives,but there are many that do and that's what I feel is really sad.We must have more compassion for them,we must all remember that we will be old one day,too and how would we feel if we were ignored or abused just because of our age?

Marie mentioned that she was always a city girl but living in the country is slowly starting to make her a country girl.She had just touched a cow the day before she wrote our letter.She said her husband told her that they love to be rubbed on the back of their head where it comes to a bump,so you all remember that when you come close to a cow. ;) But she did stop real quick when he tried to lick her....I think Marie is still mostly a city girl,but maybe after a few more years,she won't mind being licked by a cow. :)

Marie included a lot of wonderful items-a praline recipe (I did not know Texans made pralines,we make pralines a lot since I'm from Louisiana),a postcard with Texas Chilie Recipe,some business cards (she makes tutu's to I too big for one?),rhinestone accents,ponytails (you can't imagine how many we lose,now these should not get lost since they have long ribbons),cute foot shaped paper clips (I have never seen such a thing...too cute! ) and  great book called 147 Fun Things to do in Houston.Just a note,she says many people say that Houston is becoming the New York City of Houston...I know it is a huge city!

Thanks Marie for everything!We loved your letter and all the fun goodies!Maybe one day we'll visit Houston again and spend more time sightseeing and maybe see you! :) Thanks so much for your kindness!Here is a picture below.Enjoy!

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