Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter #60 from Indiana

Letter #60 comes from Carrie in Indiana.She is a mom to 3 wonderful children,1 of them has sadly passed away as a baby due to SIDS,but as she says,she is still very much a part of their family. I hope she doesn't mind me sharing her blog here,I feel that it might be of help to others going through the same thing.Click here to visit her website.Please stop by her site and say hi.She says it is a very tough thing to go through but it does get better over time,but that doesn't mean that you ever forget your loved one,but she says she also finds comfort in knowing her baby is with God being well taken care of.

Carrie and her family live on a wind farm and says that their county generates electricity for other cities.At first,it was unusual to see the wind turbines,but after a while,you almost forget that they are there.

They do live pretty far from everything,she says the nearest Walmart and grocery store is 15 miles away. (That could be a good way to save money,right?) :) She also said the mall is 38 miles away,but she wouldn't trade living in the country for anything.They are surrounded by flat farm ground full of soybeans and corn.

Enclosed with Carrie's letter is a picture of the wind turbines in the background and 2 of her adorable children.Thanks Carrie for your lovely letter and sharing your story with me via email. Enjoy her letter and pictures below:

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