Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Letter #48 from Minnesota

Letter #48 comes from Sara in Virginia,Minnesota...yes, that's correct.I was shocked that there was even a city called Virginia,outisde of Virginia,but there is. :) It is located in the northeast of the state.There are many lakes,rivers and trees in her area and not many large cities around her,just beautiful nature to enjoy.

Sara works as a registered nurse in the surgery department/operating room.That sounds like a very hectic job to work in.She included a paper showing some of the physicians she works with sometimes.She has been doing this job for 13 years and says it's quite interesting.

When Sara is not working,she loves to read,write,listen to music and the news,work on crafts,knit and practice her sewing skills.She also enjoys bellydancing,travelling,bicycling,hiking and photography....seems like she does she great things that she could photograph at the same time.She does say that she loves to take pictures of nature-flowers,etc.She is currently reading "The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest" and has enjoyed the trilogy.

Sara has enclosed a visitors guide to her area,a postcard featuring the Hockey Hall of Fame and the other  showing View Point in the Sky in her city.She also sent us some printouts about her state.Thanks Sara for your lovely letter,brochures,postcards and printouts,thanks for taking the time to write to us!Enjoy all of Sara's goodies below-

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  1. We used to go there for contest (band and choir) to compete when I was in highschool. :)


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