Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter #57 from The Netherlands

Letter #57 comes from Saskia in the Netherlands (wow,we must be getting really popular there as we are getting many letters from there...keep them coming!).Saskia just got married last year.Congratulations!She hopes to have kids in the near future.

Her and her husband live in Doetinchem, a really nice city in the east of the Netherlands,close to the German border.She loves to shop in Germany,especially for their chocolate.Hmm,I would love to try som German chocolate,it has to be better than American chocolate.I'm sorry to insult my country's chocolate,but I think it's true,our chocolate is quite boring.She says the Netherlands is not a big country and that it is really flat,there are no mountains there.

Her many hobbies include reading,travelling,music,trading postcards,penpalling,horseback riding,geocaching (we really need to start doing this fun hobby),walking,biking,skating and more. :) She also loves books by Sophie Kinsella.

As she said,she loves travelling and has been to quite a few places,such as Australia,New Zealand,Germany,France,Belgium.England,Spain,Greece,Italy,Maldives,USA,and finally Hong Kong.For her next trip,she plans to go to the Dutch Island,Terschelling.She has been very fortunate to travel to so many places.

She says that homeschooling isn't allowed in the Netherlands.If you do not attend school,they will send inspection to your home and you will have to pay a lot of money.She explains the Netherlands school system.First is primary school for ages up to 12,then you go to secondary school for 4 to 6 years,then you can do (this is the part we don't understand) mavo-mbo,havo-mbo or hbo,vwo-hbo,university or mbo.We are really clueless as to what that means,so we will have to look that up online.

Saskia currently works as a taxes official and also has her own flower business.She makes flower decorations for weddings,funerals and banquets.

Saskia has sent us some candy and those very popular stroopwafels,candy,some print outs with info about her country,along with some dutch words,pictures and recipes.Thanks so much Saskia for everything.Enjoy her letter and goodies below:

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