Monday, March 21, 2011

Finally caught up.

I am now finally caught up on all the letters we have received so far so if you didn't see your posted,we have not received it yet.Please forgive me for any mistakes I may have made in the postings as I spent a lot of time reading the letters and trying to summarize them for the blog and taking pictures of the letters.My youngest daughter caught a few mistakes that I fixed immediately,but I am sure there are more,so I apologize.

We have been beyond thrilled with the response so far to our project and we are hoping that we can still reach our goal....maybe we'll get all our letters closer to the end of the year. :) At least we are below the 2,000 mark,we now have 1,947 letters more to go,so we will need to get about 7 letters a day and we are now averaging one letter per day so we need to get more letters everyday.We are still getting many sign ups but there have been a lot of people that signed up at the beginning of the year that haven't sent us a letter yet,so we hope that if you are one of those people,you still send us a letter,we'd love to hear from you!We have loved the letters we have received so far.

We are so thrilled with the response and about how so many people have been helping us spread the word by posting on their blogs,facebook,etc and also many people are sharing our link through their pen pal letters,so we sincerely thank you all for spreading the word just to help us achieve our goal!Without all of you,this project would not be possible.Thanks!

Also,I have been getting a lot of emails since this project has started,most of which has been spam,so if you have emailed us and haven't heard back,please email us again as we could have accidentally deleted your email along with all the other junk we get.I think we have emailed everybody,but there could have been an email or two that didn't get a reply.

If you want to be a part of this project and haven't signed up yet,all you need to do is email us at reneealam(at) for our address,write us a letter (please not a postcard) and tell us about yourself and where you live and mail it to us,it's that easy.It's ok if you live in an area where we have gotten a letter from,every person and perspective of their area is different,so don't hesititate to write to us.We are also hoping that we can get some letters from some countries we haven't heard from,so if you don't see a letter from your country,why not tell us about your fabulous country.This has really been such a great way for my children to learn about other people,countries and of course it helps learning geography since we have to find the place on the globe,it's really fun.Thanks again everybody! :)


  1. I mailed mine today! Should be there in about a week! =]

  2. Renee,
    I am a homeschool mom from way back. I homeschooled for 17 year and know how meaningful projects like this can be. What a great way to teach social studies and geography (as well as penmanship.... I will be glad to support your project with a post card from N.C.
    I also have some suggestions that might help you reach your goals:
    1# sometimes people who might write will never go the second step of e-mailing you for an address, so to catch them while they feel inspired, you could rent a POB for the duration of your project so that you can keep your real address confidential. I do this for my mailart endeavours, it doesn't cost much and if you don't want to keep it after the project, just release it to the P.O. That way you can post an address where anyone who wants to write can see it and you can see the mail before the kids do so you can screen out the occasional inappropriate offering.
    #2 There is a mail artist site called I.U.O.M.A (International Union of Mail-Artists), There are people from around the world that check in there for all thing correspondence. I am sure that if you join, you will find many people who will be willing to send something to your girls for their project!
    #3 You probably already know about Postcrossings, but in case you don't, it is a great place to meet people from all over the world, but you do have to send a postcard to get one...
    #4 I will post your project on my blog and send out your blog addy to my pen friends asking for them to participate. If you want to check out my blog to look at my blogroll my blog addy is:
    I also have another blog that has a collection of letters written home while we were living in Costa Rica and my husband wrote a blog on traveling and seeing the country of Costa Rica. Both might give you some interesting inside views of Costa Rica and Costa Rican life. If you go to and click the sidebar where it says "Click here to read about the Binford's Costa Rican Adventure" you will find my letters on a static page. My husband's blog has some incredible photos, stories and videos of the places we visited while living in Costa Rica. The blog is:
    Well this is a lot of info for a comment block, but I hope you find it useful! If you want to e-mail me for more info my e-mail is
    See you in the mail!!


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