Friday, March 11, 2011


Well,I just heard about the earthquake and tsunami and we are all hoping that there are not many fatalaties.If you have family or friends there,we sincerely hope they are safe.We will keep the people of Japan in our prayers.My oldest daughter has some really nice penpals in Japan and we hope they are ok.I know most internet is down,but I will still have her try to email to see if she can get in touch with them since we are not sure how close they are to the disaster.Again,we are so saddened by this horrific event and hope it doesn't get much worse than it is now.I can't imagine going through this,but I know the people of Japan can get through this and I hope they can recover quickly.I really hate seeing these sort of disasters on tv since you can always tell that the people weren't expecting it and before you know it,your whole life has changed.We are hoping for the best for you Japan!


  1. It so sad these things happens... I also have penpals there and I hope they are fine!

  2. The Red Cross has a site that allows people to declare themselves safe and well, and for people to search for them:

  3. Kati-I hope you have been in contact with your penpals and that they are ok.

    Doug-Thanks for the link,I will have my daughter check it out,luckily one of her penpals lives father away from the disaster but she said another one lives in Tokyo,so I hope they are ok.I was glad to hear that Hawaii wasn't affected so much,so I'm glad to know you are ok,too. :)

  4. Many people want to help out, but other than money or being an aid worker, there is another way to help by sending words of support and hope. You can send your message online to school children and emergency workers in Japan via Hope Letters Hope Letters will translate them into Japanese and deliver them to local organizations for posting/broadcasting (when it is practical and effective to do so). Help give hope!


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