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Hi.My name is Renee and I'm mom to three daughters that I homeschool.I love books and love spending time with my family.I love to take pictures,do art journaling,I love mail,visiting crafty blogs,collecting pretty journals,collecting children's books in other languages,and I love all things kawaii.I also recently got into Blythe dolls so I can do something fun with my youngest daughter.My favorite perfume is Jessica Simpson's Fancy and also Givenchy.I love foreign cartoons such as Cheburashka,Moomins and Krtek.I also collect purses,pretty dishes,shoes and too many bottles of perfume.I would really love to get a Monchichi doll ans smurf dolls that were popular when I was a little girl,but never had one.I also enjoy making things at home instead of buying them already made at the store.My daughters love when I make homemade pizza,foccacia,cookies,pralines (our fave since I am half Cajun :) ) etc.I really love to bake for my family.I also love to use organic products and use homemade cleaning products and we are now about to try making homemade shampoo,deodorant,etc with all natural products.Now that I have become a more informed consumer,I want to make better choices for my family that I wish I would have started when my kids were younger,but it's never to late to make healthy choices.

Hello!My name is Semeeah I'm a 12 year old homeschooled girl living in Virginia.I been living in Virginia for 2 years and lived in Michigan since I was a baby.I am going to be a teenager this year.Horray!My birthday is on December 7th.I love to sew and I haven't got a chance to sew anything just yet.I love to design clothes also.My favorite hobbies are watching tv shows,movies,designing clothes and I haven't design any clothes yet but I am starting to get ideas.I would love to get more penpals that are my age.I would also love to collect moomins items,diddl items,blythe items and cheburashka items.
Here are my wonderful blogs:
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