Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letter #45 from Virginia

Letter #45 comes from Stephanie who lives in Blacksburg,VA,which is about 45 minutes from us.So you can consider her our neighbor. :) She was actually born in New York and grew up in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.She has lived here in Virginia for over seven years now.

She is currently working as a librarian (I really want to be a librarian one day since I love books so much!).She says that not many people realize that you have to have a college degree to be a librarian,so you can learn how to manage a library and meet people's informational needs.Stephanie says that not all people who work in a library need a degree.We are actually getting a brand new library this fall and I can tell you it will be our second home since we have had to deal with a horrible,small and smelly one since moving here so we are very ready for a new library.We've always spent most of our time at libraries since my girls were little.It's the best place to visit! :) She also told us about the many different kinds of librarian jobs,some of which are-Public Librarians,Medical Librarians,College Librarians,Medical Librarians,Library Managers,Government Librarians,Law Librarians and many more.I did not know there were so many types of librarians.The job of librarians are always changing and that she says many people do not like that more information is made available on computers and think there will no longer be a need for libraries.I do love having information online to access 24/7 but I do love having a paper book in my hand to read and just the fun of searching a library shelf for a book that I may never have found or looked for had I not found it in person on the shelf.I think that libraries open our minds to reading different types of books,but online we usually are only looking for certain things which can prohibit us from finding something else that is fantastic.

She doesn't see the electronic information as a threat and she also reminds us about some of the books that are rare and original mauscripts that will always have a home in libraries for people to be able to look through.Even though information is accessible online,she says that someone has to be there to teach people how to use it and find just what they need and that somebody still has to purchase the information.

Stephanie also enjoys hiking,travel,regional music,creative writing and crafts.She also loves exploring nature and is a Virginia Master Naturalist in training,which has been very enjoyable.Her last class was on botany and she was able to visit the herbarium at Virginia Tech.Sounds like a great class to learn about the nature of your area.

Thanks Stephanie for writing.Below is her lovely letter,along with some hokie bookmarks and a card about rocks and a recipe that will imitate different types of rocks.We do need to try those recipes.Thanks again Stephanie!

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