Saturday, March 26, 2011

Letter #70 from Connecticut

Letter #70 comes from Heather in Connecticut.She is married to a chemist and they have a daughter that is almost two years old.Their favorite hobby is letterboxing,which is something we've been saying we will have to do,but never get around to it.She says that she lives close to New York City,so they are able to take day trips there.I think that would definitely be a plus to my chidren since NYC is one of their must visit places.The town she lives in is home to ESPN,which is only 2 miles from her house.Her town is also home to a Carousel Museum where they restore old carousel horses (we think carousels are so pretty,but usually when we find them,they are very expensive to ride).Their amusement park,Lake Com Pounce holds the record for the oldest (and still active) amusement park.

Heather has also enclosed some postcards and a printout of places to see in her state.Thanks Heather for your letter and postcards!Enjoy Heather's goodies below:

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