Thursday, March 31, 2011

Letter #75 from Minnesota

Letter #75 comes from Krissy in Minnesota.She says she is doing something similar to our project and calls it "Year of the Letter".She tries to write at least one letter a day or more.Like ourselves,she is trying to keep letter writing from being a lost art.She loves having a mailbox full of letters.She says she has found some beautiful friendships through letter writing.She also has high hopes for letter writing to stay alive and well.Krissy usually spends 1-2 hours a day working on letters and mailart.

She says she lives in a beautiful area in northern Minnesota.She says it's a woody area filled with friendly people.She says that her grandma once remarked that when she walked into the woods at Kane Lake (a private lake),she couldn't tell whether she was in Norway or Minnesota because they looked so similar.

Krissy's heritage is a beautiful mix of Swedish,Norwegian,Finnish,German and English.A lot of people of Scandanavian descent settled in her area.She says that you can see cars with the flags of Norway and Sweden on them.Krissy and her sister have even dressed up in traditional Norwegian costumes and rode in a parade during Heritage Days,which is a big event in Two Harbors,MN.It lasts for a few days and they have a parade,live bands,etc. and people from all over attend.

Krissy loves to travel and would love to travel to Finland to see where her relatives grew up.

She also recommended some books-A Frozen Hell,which is about the Russo-Fin war during WWII.It's one of her favorite books.She also just finished reading a book called The Glass Castle.It's a memoir of a girl coming of age in an abusive family.She has also read A Thousand Splendid Suns.

Thanks Krissy for your lovely letter.You can see her lovely letter and picture of her in a traditional Norwegian costume that her grandmother sewed for her below.How lovely!

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