Monday, March 21, 2011

Letter #63 from Florida

Letter #63 comes from Sarah in Florida.Sarah works as a librarian (yes,another librarian has written to us). :) The city she lives in in called Sarasota and is known for three things:tourism,banking and philanthropy.She says that Sarasota is popular with retirees who come down south during the winter from New England and the Midwest.They like to call them "snowbirds" since they arrive during the first snow of the season.A lot of people in her area also hold fundraisers and work for charities to raise money.

She is a librarian at the local college and says that her college educates artists and designers who will spend their careers making movies,doing photography and illustrating books.Some of their graduates work for Pixar and have helped make movies,such as Toy Story 3.

When Sarah is not working,she is reading books (why am I not surprised?).Her favorite book to read when she was younger was Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. We loved watching the old and new movie of it.She asked for our favorite books.I don't think I really had a favorite book,but when I was a teenager,I enjoyed reading Stephen King's books.I'll have to ask the girls if they have a favorite book,but I think they will have a hard time with coming up with just one book. :)

Thanks Sarah for your letter and she has also enclosed a paper featuring Ringling's College of Art and Design,which must be where Sarah works.You can see her letter and brochure below:

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  1. Do the girls have a blog where they can journal about this project? If so I would love to check it out!


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