Friday, April 1, 2011

Letter #82 from New Jersey

Letter #82 comes from Erica in New Jersey.She lives in a city called Waldwick,which is a 30 minute drive from New York City.She also lives 5 minutes from the train station which is very convenient,but very expensive,it costs $20 for a round trip ticket from her home to NYC.She loves to go to NYC with her friends and visit museums,shows,restaurants,etc.She says the shopping is very good in NYC.....I would love to go shopping there one day,too. :)

Erica has a sister that is deaf,so she speaks ASL (American Sign Language).We used to know how to sign the alphabets when the girls were small but now we have forgotten.We have been interested in learning sign language,so maybe we will have to look into that over here.She says that even though her sister has a college degree,nobody will hire her since most companies don't like to hire people with disabilities...that's really sad.I hope she can one day find a good job.Maybe she could teach people sign language or help tutor other kids that are deaf,too,until she can find a job,although it's so difficult for anybody to find a job these days.

Erica enclosed a brochure to her local pizza place that is very popular and also a postcard from the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.Thanks Erica for your lovely letter and for the brochure and postcard!See her letter and goodies below:

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