Friday, April 8, 2011

Letters #92-115 from California

Why so many letters you ask?Well,we had a wonderful fourth grade class from California in Mrs. B's class write to us.Unfortunately, due to privacy rules the schools have,we cannot tell you the name of the school or show their letters,but we will show you the envelopes so that you can see that they did write to us.They know who they are and I hope that they get to see this post with their letters on it! :) I can tell you about some of the wonderful things they wrote about so they know we did read their letters and so everybody else can know a little more about their class.

A couple of the students told us that they like the book titled, "Wayside School" because it is funny and they like how Mrs. B reads it.Another book they read in class that was liked is called "Stranger".Another student told us that they have recess three times a day.My daughters also had three recesses in Michigan but here in Virginia,when you had PE,you didn't have recess on those days.I thought it was terrible that the kids weren't allowed out for a few breaks during the day.

Another student of hers told us that they liked the idea of getting Domino's Pizza if you had perfect attendence,so he hasn't missed a day of school since third grade.Good job!We also had some letters that told us they like "free reading" time because you get to read a lot of books and use your imagination.I think just about every student said they liked reading,so that is really great to hear!Keep up the great job reading!

In another letter,the student mentions that she likes to sing math songs because the songs help her remember better.When I was in third grade we used to listen to records that sang the times table to us and I can remember loving it,too.

Another great book recommendation was a book called, "Marven of the Great North Woods".In the story the boy goes to lodging camp on his own, without his parents.I'm curious to see what happens to Marven in the story.

A couple of the students also told us that they are looking forward to missions because they get to make projects.Another said she is new to the school and loves the new school and thinks Mrs. B is the best teacher in the whole wide world!She also asked us why we wanted 2,011 letters.Yes,your teacher was right,we wanted the same number as the year we are currently in,2011. :)

Another student wants to grow up to be a singer and be wonderful,beautiful and nice,just like Mrs. B.Aww,isn't that sweet?In another letter,they mentioned their favorite game was heads up seven up.I can remember playing that a lot in my classes and it was always our favorite.Any time the teacher gave us free time,all of us would request to play heads up seven up.It was really fun!Other students told us they liked drawing and building,another told us she likes cheerleading and knitting.

We have another book recommendation,a book titled "Heat Wave",she says they read it in class and she liked the part when the plants go under the porch.We are really getting some great book recommendations from this class and love it!The next recommendation is for a book called "The Last Dragon".She said that they even got to make a dragon in class.I wish we could have seen all of your beautiful dragons!We also can't forget the student that gave us a lovely Discovery Education bookmark.We'll have to visit that site one day.Thanks!

So,from all the letters we have read,we have gathered that this class likes two things,reading and being creative.Those are both great things one needs in life to be successful.I think this class has some very smart students and that Mrs. B must be a wonderful teacher!I can still remember my fourth grade teacher,her name was Mrs. Campbell and I went to a school called Katherine Drexel Elementary in Louisiana.It was a great school with some of the best teachers ever.I know that these students will probably always remember their teacher Mrs. B,too because she sounds like a great teacher!

We want to give Mrs. B.'s class a great big THANK YOU for taking the time to write us a letter and tell us your favorite things.We really appreciate it!You even helped us get past 100 letters which we think is amazing!Thanks so much and look below for your envelopes.I'm sorry we can't show your letters but we loved them!

**Update-I can post their first names to give them a proper thank you!Thanks to all of these students below for your wonderful letters!



  1. Yay! Always looking to promote writing in the younger generations!

  2. That is awesome! As a kid we wrote to other schools and made penpals with them. It was pretty cool. :)

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  4. That is so so so cooool how a whole class sent you a letter!
    I had this good idea, that you could get all the postcards and letter's you have received in the project, put them in a BIG pile, and then take a photo and post it on this blog! And you could make it a monthly thing so that you could really see just HOW many letter's you are getting!
    xoxo Emily


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