Thursday, April 14, 2011


Hello everybody!Just wanted to keep everybody updated.Sign ups have slowed down a lot and we haven't gotten a letter since Saturday,so that is why there are not many posts for this week.Hopefully things will start to pick up soon.We have already gotten over 100 followers,over 100 letters and over 10,000 page views,which is amazing,so thanks to you all for this little achievement of ours.We thank everybody that has sent a letter,spread the word and for all of you that will be mailing us a letter.If anybody knows of any sites that would love to post about our project,please let us know so we can get the word out.We always appreciate any help,tips,advice.We hope that everybody has enjoyed this project and that you are enjoying the blog.We hope to be back with a letter post soon,so stay tuned.Have a great night/day!


  1. I posted my letter at the end of last month - I hope it gets to you!

  2. Life has got in the way of me sending my letter so far, but I will send one before the end of the year, no fear :) I've spread the word on my blog, too. Hopefully sign ups pick up again soon :)
    All the best!

  3. I'll be sure to mention you guys on my blog and to my penpals/friends. :) ♥

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  5. You can share your blog here for some exposure:

    I've been following them for about a year now and they're reputable. They are in Australia and post a lot about crafts, fashion, etc. and they have a lot of followers!

    Also, the more blogs you visit and post a comment, it will link the blog owner back to you and then they'll see your blog (more exposure!). You could even ask them to feature you on their blog.

    Here are some great mail blogs:


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