Monday, April 4, 2011

Letter #87 from Oklahoma

Letter #87 comes from Terri in Oklahoma.She happens to be the mother of another letter writer,Brian,that wrote to us from Missouri.She currently works as a children's vision screener at a non-profit organization that provides free vision screening for students statewide.She says that one in four school age children has some type of vision issue.She says that to test Pre-K and Kindergarten students that can't yet read,they show them a chart with shapes and so they play a quick game of identifying four shapes,then they get to wear "magic glasses" to search for an "E" in one of two cards.She says the kids love it and the older kids really love it because they get out of class.I remember those days when we got out of class,sometimes we didn't do anything since it could sometimes take a while.

Her territory covers the northeast corner of the state and involves a lot of travel,but she gets to come back home each day.She says the driving across the state is one of the perks of her job that she enjoys.She said that in 2010,she drove 12,604 miles!She gets to visit such diverse schools,for example,she said that at one school they had a total of 37 students (Pre-K-8th grade) and their fitness plan involved climbing trees! :) I bet that must be a fun school and they all must remain friends or hate each other for being with them for 9 or 10 years straight! ;)

She also told of how she has met some students with some very unique names,such as these: Appearance American Horse,Magic Buffalo Eater,Sparkling Star (that must be a girl) and even twin boys named Whiskey and Bourbon!And there was also a family that named their children Spring,Summer,Autumn and Winter and then they had a brother named Season.Oh,let's not forget the student named Cyclops,who she said had 20/20 vision in both eyes.Since they are in Oklahoma,I am assuming that most of the kids were Native Americans judging by the names,although I could be wrong since I don't know everything. :) Please do not take this as me judging the kids' names,I definitely hope it didn't seem like I pointed out their names to poke fun at,they are just unusual names we never heard before and wanted to share with everyone to show how different people are.It's kind of neat being unique.

Se says that her town is 45 minutes north of Tulsa (I have been to Tulsa before since I have a lot of relatives there).I remember the land along the highways being so green and mountainous and very clean!She also says that they are a city that oil built.Two brothers struck oil BIG TIME and started an oil company that transformed from a small business to a global energy enterprise,called Phillips 66 or Conoco-Phillips Oil Company.

She also noted that her city is home to the Price Tower,the only skyscraper designed by Frank Llyod Wright.It was completed in 1956.It has 19 stories and includes a museum,offices,restaurant and the Inn at Price Tower.She said the interior rooms are triangular in shape.That must be pretty neat to see a triangle shaped room. :)

Terri's favorite restaurant is Murphy's Steak House,it's actually not famous for steaks and not an ideal choice if you are looking to eat healthy food.She says their slogan is "Gravy over all" and they really mean it,just look at the letter below and you'll see beef gravy on french fries....I haven't even tried cheese on my fries,let alone gravy,I'm just not the type to experiment with toppings other than ketchup on my fries,but who knows,it could be good.What will they think of next?Cream cheese over fries...hmm. ;)

She also told us about The Buffalo Stampede which was introduced a few years ago as a fundraiser.The vision was to bring life-size bison sculptures to parks and businesses throughout the city in a public art project.In all there are 15 of these bison statues.Each statue is purchased and them painted in a theme.The proceeds from each bison usually totals about $2,500.She said that when both of her older kids came back home to visit about two years ago,they arrived at midnight and it was cold and rainy,but Terri and her husband loaded the "kids" in the van and brought them to do some "buffalo hunting".The kids thought they were crazy since they had been living out of state,so they didn't know about the statues.I wonder if Brian and his sister thought they had been away from home just a little too long after hearing their parents tell them they were going buffalo hunting at midnight! ;)

Please enjoy Terri's lovely letter and postcards below:

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