Thursday, April 21, 2011

Letter #125 from Florida

Letter #125 comes from Ethan in Florida.Ethan is a 9th grader and is on the school's swim team and tennis team.He is also in the marching band because of his love for music.It seems that Ethan is quite a busy guy.

He says that it is finally warming up enough that he can get out to the beach,which he says is a blast.On his last visit to the beach,he said he swam out to the sand bar and caught tons of sand dollars.He was also able to see a few dolphins while out.Unfortunately,he left with a sunburn,which in the end left him with a tanned chest and a white back. ;)

He also said that the weather has been quite crazy lately (here,too),with it raining one day,cool the next and then tornadoes and then hot weather.He never knows how to prepare for the weather because it's so different every day.But now the weather has been amazing and his math teacher even let them do their work outside,although Ethan was wishing he was at the beach,but at least he was outside.I loved when our teachers would rarely let us go outside to do our work,it was always nice to get some fresh air after being cooped up in the old classrooms.

Thanks Ethan for your lovely letter...hopefully you don't get anymore tornadoes or bad weather.You can see his letter below:

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