Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Letter #89 from New York

Letter #89 comes from Maggie in New York.She sent us a very unique and interesting letter with an assortment of goodies.She says that a few years ago she moved from Pennsylvania to New York and was happy,but felt isolated,even though there were so many people,but she says that nobody talked.So then she got the idea to make art and small books and little things and would include her address and then give them to strangers throughout the city on the bus,on sidewalks,on the train,etc.She would give them in hopes of receiving some mail in return from them.Through this great idea,she has made some friendships in her city as well as around the world.I think that is really a clever way to meet new people!Maybe we should try that one day. :)

Please enjoy all of Maggie's assortment of tickets and stamps and other goodies along with her letter.It was really fun looking to discover all the little goodies and notes she typed on the papers.Also,look at the stamps on her envelope,aren't they amazing!

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