Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Letter #130 from Italy

Letter #130 comes from Aurora in Italy.She is the cousin of another letter writer,Manuela (letter #66).She is 8 years old and is in her third year at elementary school.She has one younger sister and she says that her grandmother lives just downstairs.That must be really nice to get to see your grandma everyday.

Aurora also has two dogs and one cat.Her cat just had babies last month and she says she really loves them.She also told us that she will be receiving her first Holy Communion next month,so she is really excited about that.I can remember mine very vividly because I was the only girl to have a dress with long sleeves on a hot day and I was so jealous of all the other girls dresses that looked like wedding dresses.

Aurora also drew us a wonderful picture of her village.It looks like she lives very close to a castle,which must be really amazing!I think I read somewhere that we do have a castle or two in the US,but I forget where.I would love to see the inside of a real castle one day.

Thanks Aurora for your beautiful letter and drawing!We really loved it!We love letters from kids!She also included a printout about the Holy Communion.Thanks so much Aurora!Look below for her letter and picture:

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