Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Thank you all!

I just wanted to give you all a great big thanks for making this such a success already.Even if we don't reach our goal of 2,011 letters (which I'm still sure can be accomplished),we have still accomplished the bigger goal,which is for my children to learn about others.My children have been greatly rewarded with the knowledge of other people and places through this project.I think this is the best idea we could have come up with that has benefitted us all.It has been so fun reading about the places where you were born and live and we can often feel the love you have for your home which comes out in the letters.These letters have been so positive.Even though there is so much negativity in the world right now,when we read your letters,we feel such happiness and hope for the future.Every letter has been so kind and positive.I am glad that my daughters have gotten to know each and every one of you through your letters and I wish we could meet you all because you all are truly the best of people.

We have had a great surge of sign ups over the past weekend and are anxiously awaiting many new letters from all over the world.Thanks to you all!We hope that our blog has been enjoyable for all of you that are reading this.If you have any tips or advice for us,please do share as we want this project to be enjoyed by all.I am sure that we will look back through these letters in the future and have such great memories of this project.When we are able to open our eyes,we can see more clearly and we have definitely seen the best of people through this project.I am so thankful to have technology such as the internet to allow me to show my kids that just because you don't see any good where you are at,there is good somewhere else,so we must not think that there is no hope just because you don't see the good.There is good everywhere if we open our eyes just a little more.We are so bombarded with evil people on the news that my kids often wonder if there is any good in the world sometimes.So,again thanks to each and every one of you for showing my kids that there are so many wonderful and caring people in the world.We always hear the negative,but don't get many chances to show our kids the positive.I can definitely say that my kids have learned a lot about people around the world,so this has definitely been a positive experience. :)

PS-Posts of pictures have been and will be a little slow due to us getting our kitchen remodeled (well,parts of it) don't want to see the before....ugly! :)

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