Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter #28 from The Netherlands

This lovely letter from Marianne came all the way from the Netherlands! She is married with two children,a boy and a girl.She says that her country has +/- 16 million people and it's well known for wooden shoes,tulips and windmills.She assures us that she does not live in a windmill,just a normal house. :)

Marianne works as a nurse who helps midwives with home births.She says it's really wonderful to be able to see someone enter the world.I can agree it must be so wonderful to see the first reactions when there's a new living being in a family's life and for it to be in the comfort of their own home must be really nice.She says that her daughter would like to grow up to be a nurse just like her mom.That's really nice.

Her family has a pet cat and rabbit.Her hobbies include spending time with her family,writing/receiving letters,reading,cross stitching and more.She also collects birth announcements,which she says is common in her country.

Below is her letter with some wonderful Diddl paper (how did you know we love Diddl?).She also decorated the envelope with stickers of one of my daughter's fave characters...I don't know how she knew what we like? :) Thanks Marianne for the wonderful letter!

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  1. Yes!
    My letter arrived! I'm glad it did :-)
    Thank you for this wonderful project!



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