Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Our Scrapbook...

We have been keeping all our letters in a pretty box picked out by my daughter but while at the store yesterday we came across this great scrapbook and thought it would be a great way to store our letters.We really want to have a nice way to display them for us to look back at and to share with visitors.Now we just have to figure out how to make them look appealing inside. I think it will be so fun filling up the book.Of course this book will need many more pages and we will most likely have to buy more books as we get more letters,but that's going to be the fun part,having books filled with letters.My daughters all agreed that this was the best scrapbook for storing our letters in since the picture represented various places across the world.We will share the progress of the album as soon as we start.


  1. Hi! That book is a great idea to store the letters you get! Congratulations for the 20th letter!

  2. This book is going to be a great keepsake! Love this project---emailing you now so I can send off my letter too!

  3. What a beautiful idea!! I hope you will collect all 2011 letters!


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