Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter #30 from Canada

We are now on day 53 of our project and now have 30 letters!We are so happy!This letter is from a woman simply named "snailmailfan".She lives in Winnipeg,Canada.She also noted that she is hoping to find her prince charming,so if you are him,you need to contact her now,she may not be available for long. ;)

Winnipeg is a city in the province of Manitoba and is a little under an hour's drive from the border of North Dakota.It was discovered in 1738 by Europeans.It was used as a trading post since it was where three rivers meet-the Red River,the Assiniboine River and the Seine River.She said the only place in the world with more extreme temperature swings than the prairie lands the city sits on is Mongolia.Even with the extreme temperatues,700,000 people live there in Winnipeg,which is Canada's eighth largest city.

Winnipeg is the capital of Manitoba.Most people who live there work for the federal or provincial government or at the air force base.She says there is a strong transportation sector there with lots of big trucks,two major railways and an expanding airport.She also noted that Winnipeg is nearly the southern middle of Canada,geographically,so a lot of things pass through their city.

Winnipeg has lots of rich soil,which is really great for growing different crops."Snailmailfan" said there is a famous bakery in the downtown area that has it's own flour mill inside the shop.That would be really fun to watch them mill the flour that they use in their pastries.Winnipeg is home to two universities and many colleges,including a college for those who study in French and a religious university for Mennonites,who go to Manitoba to escape religious persecution or for financial reasons.

She also says that Winnipeg is an 8 hour drive from Minneapolis,which is the nearest big city.She says that the people are so helpful that the license plates read "Friendly Manitoba".They will go out of their way to help people because they can get some pretty brutal weather,so they need to be able to rely on each other for help.Winnipeg also has a diverse population,although people of European decent are the majority.

''Snailmailfan" has told us so many great things about her area and I wish I could share everything with you all,but it would just take too long,so I will share a few more facts she shared with us really quickly about Winnipeg:

-home to an art gallery holding the world's largest collection of art by the Inuit people
-home to the Living Prairie Museum
-has a minor league hockey team- The Mooose and football team- The Blue Bombers,baseball team-The Goldeyes,which is also the name of their local fish
-future home of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Below is a picture of "snailmailfan's" lovely letter,a picture of the prairie land she mentioned in the letter,some pages from a magazine featuring my fave kind of place-a book store and some wonderful pins!Thanks a whole lot "snailmailfan" for the great package!

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  1. Glad to know that my letter has made it to you!


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