Friday, February 11, 2011

Letter #18 from Virginia

Letter #17 has come from Jill in Virginia.She tells us that there are several shipyards in her area because it is a big Navy and shipping area.She is close to Norfolk,which is home to the Chrysler Museum,Chrysler Hall and ODU.She is also close to Virginia Beach,which is a very popular tourist place.I know many people from our city visit Virginia Beach often.Virginia Beach is home to the Francis Lord House,The Lynnhaven House and The Adam Keeling Thoroughgood House which still exist from when Virginia was just a colony.She also lives close to some other historical cities such as Jamestown,Yorktown and Williamsburg.We are hoping to visit some of those cities this summer.Thanks Jill so much for your letter and beautiful postcards...they are appreciated.Enjoy her letter and postcards below:

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