Friday, February 11, 2011

Letter #17 from Colorado

Ok,here is another amazing letter we received.When we saw this letter,my daughter and I thought it might have been from someone like Benjamin Franklin because of the fabulous penmanship!This is definitely the best writing I have ever seen in a letter!This letter is from Troy in Colorado.He lives in the northeastern corner of Colorado with his lovely family.Both he and his wife are teachers. (I hope I don't make any grammar mistakes) ;) He teaches agriculture and his wife teaches English.His oldest is in college in Louisiana (my children and I were born in Lafayette,LA).He has shared some interesting facts about Colorado's history.About 30 miles north of his town is the South Platte River,which was a major route for furtrappers,mountain men and settlers to follow to the mountains.Since everybody was using this same route,conflicts arose,so explorers developed the Overland Trail,which they took to avoid the other route,which is close to Troy's town.Also north of his home is the Pony Express Route.I wonder if our letter took that route...ok,maybe not. :)

He also told us that their main industry is agriculture and that their crops are irrigated with huge circular sprinklers called pivots and that if you fly over the crops,you will see thousands of circles.I bet that must look pretty weird if you didn't know what they were.

Colorado's major crops are corn,wheat,sugarbeets,birdseed and sunflowers.They also have beef and dairy cattle.Colorado seems like such a beautiful place to visit that is rich in history.I believe Mesa Verde is there,too.I would love to take my family on a trip there someday.Thanks Troy for the truly beautiful letter!Your handwriting is beautiful and the stationery was lovely,too.We have actually gotten some fountain pens because I always encourage my kids to write and thought it would be nice to have them write with a nice pen,not some cheap ball point pen that doesn't allow for much creativity in penmanship.We can't wait to get some ink to start using truly makes writing look like art.We enjoyed reading your letter and admiring the beautiful calligraphy,so thanks again for writing!We appreciate it!Here is Troy's lovely makes me feel like I'm in the 1800's.

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