Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter #21 from Pennsylvania

Now we are on to letter #21 which comes from Becky in Pennsylvania.She is new to the state but has lived near Chicago in NW Indian for the past 5 years.We love Chicago.We have visited the city at least 6 times when we lived in Michigan.I think it's a great city.You can see the lovely lake while driving around, you'll see people taking horse drawn carriage rides along the lake.You see so many people that are just so happy (in the spring and summer,never been there in the winter....maybe the people aren't so happy then). :) Anyways,she lived south of Lake Michigan.We don't swim but she said the lakes can be dangerous.She says that several people die every year in Lake Michigan from the rip please stay safe if you swim in that lake.

Becky grew up swimming in Lake Erie and loves it because it's shallow,so it's safer and it's the most predictable of all the Great you remember all the Great Lakes? Here's a clue if you don't remember the names,just remember the word HOMES.

She also told us about some islands on Lake Erie called Kelly's Island,which is home to the Kokopelli carvings.Kokopelli was a Native American god/spirit of music and dance.Thanks Becky for your lovely letter.Even though we lived in Michigan for 10 years,there is a lot we didn't know or get to see during our time,like sleeping bear dunes...wonder if Becky went there,too?

Here's Becky's lovely letter and card below...the flowers on the letter make me wish it was spring.

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  1. I lived near the Indiana Dunes State Park and the National Lake Shore, if that helps: )


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