Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letter #8 from Russia

This is the last letter (as of today) that we have to share with you.Boy was this an amazing letter to get in the mail.This came from Maria all the way from Moscow,Russia.I must admit I have been having a fascination with Russia lately,so this came at the perfect time.Maria really went all out to make us feel like we were in Russia by including a beautiful assortment of tickets and pictures of herself,her mother,her friends and her home.We felt as if we've been knowing her for years just by reading her letter and looking at her pictures.She is 15 years old and seems like such a sweet girl.(The kind of person you'd want your daughter to have as a friend) She was so kind to share so much with was like being on a trip to Russia without leaving home.This is what this project is all my daughters a glimpse into lives that are so different than our own so that they can appreciate all the differences we have throughout the world.It's amazing what a letter (and pictures) can teach you about others.We may never get to travel the world but at least I can teach my children that there are wonderful people outside of this wonderful country that we live in.As a child,I can remember us all feeling so partriotic to the point that we felt we were so superior and that we never really needed to learn about other countries so I,myself grew up closed minded and it was not until I was an adult that I realized that other countries and other people have so much to offer and that I was missing out on some great things!So once again,thanks to each and every one of you that has joined this literally means the world to us! I hope that we can get more letters like Maria's that shares her life with us.It was very exciting to read while looking at her pictures and wondering what she was doing at that moment.Maria,I will definitely have one of my daughters keep in touch with you so we don't lose contact with you.Thanks for your letter!Here is Maria's lovely letter,tickets & pictures below:

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