Thursday, February 3, 2011

Letter #7 from Arizona

Wow,we are getting so close to having double digits which makes it seem so much least we are getting farther away from 1 letter & moving up. :) This letter is from Semeeah's friend Tracey who lives in Arizona.She has a cat and dog.She became penpals through a wonderful site called Postcrossing.If you love meeting people from all over the world,this is a great place to go.After meeting so many wonderful people there,we decided to come up with this letter project since it was quite easy to meet so many people,so we felt that our goal could easily be achieved since there are so many people on the forums and the regular site.But I must warn you,you will become addicted to this site.Thanks to postcrossing,we have many happy mail days! :) Enjoy Tracey's letter and super pretty stationery (isn't it cute?) below:

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