Wednesday, February 2, 2011

2 more letters arrived....

We have gotten a letter the other day but have been sick and are remodeling our kitchen so we apologize for not updating.We also received a lovely letter today.I will try to get pictures taken later,but as I said, we are having our kitchen worked on at this very moment so I have to keep my eyes on things around here.Since they are on break,I will leave you with clues to figure out the 2 places the letters came from.Once again,thank you all for the many sign ups...there was 2 days where nobody was joining,so we were getting a little upset, but then the third day we got 2 sign ups,so thanks for cheering us up again.This has been such a wonderful project for my children to learn about others.I wish we could continue this project forever so that we could continue to learn about other people,countries,etc.There is always something new one can learn.

Now I leave you with the clues:
First letter's clues:
-it's a state
-it's motto is "Agriculture and Commerce"
-The origin of the state's name came from a Cherokee village in the region that is called "Tanasie."....I think this clue is a dead giveaway for sure....sound it out & you can figure it out. ;)
-Below is the state's flag:

Second letter's clues...along with some pictures to help you out ;)
-Red Square
-Saint Basil's Cathedral
-Victory Park
-Izmaylovo Market
-Located on both Europe and Asia
-popular cartoon called on it to see a short cartoon...
We love that character so much!We would love to collect books or stuffed animals of him since we think he's so us if you can help us,thanks.

Have you figured the out yet?Did I make it too easy for you? ;) Stay tuned for photos.If you have not joined in,yet,please do so,we have a lot of followers that have not signed up yet,so please consider sending us a letter,we'd love to hear from you! Our email is to the right of the page.Thanks and have a wonderful day!

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