Saturday, February 26, 2011

More letters arrived...

Looks like I will be be busy with posting letters for a few days...just look at Friday's mail.This is the most letters we have received in one day!Plus I have some more letters to share from another day,so please keep an eye out to see if your letter is one of them that has arrived.We have been busy reading them and enjoying all the goodies sent to us.Thanks again to those of you who have sent or sending letters.You all are great! :) My daughters get so excited every time we get a letter for the project.We really do enjoy reading them.Also,thanks to those of you that have posted it on your blogs,posted it on facebook,tweeted it & told your friends via email/snail mail.We continue to get many sign ups daily because of all of you helping spread the word & are really encouraged about reaching our goal.Thanks to everybody for helping us try to achieve our goal. :) Enjoy a picture of Friday's mail....amazing isn't it?!


  1. so good to see you got more letters.
    hopefully mine will arrive soon also.

  2. Darn, looks like the postal machines ripped up my ocotillo cactus a little bit. Sorry bout that!! (the Arizona one is mine!)

  3. I simply cannot find the address to send letters to you. Can you please Email it to mee

    Thank You!


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