Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter #24 from Washington

This letter comes from Kristina from the west coast.She lives in Washington state with her Navy husband.I'm sure that must be difficult in these times,but I'm sure she focuses on the positive and not the negative.We all hope they they are all safe.She lives on a miltary base with their three pets.

She loves to collect postcards but has us beat...she has almost 400 postcards.I thought having just over 100 was something to write home about,but 400 is really amazing!She is a member of postcrossing,which is where she gets most of her postcards from.We joined postcrossing a few months ago and it's really addicting when you join the forums.My oldest daughter has made some great penpals from there.It's a great place to get to learn about other people and countries.

Kristina has been to England and is planning to visit Germany this fall with her husband for the honeymoon they never had. ( I'm also a member of that group.)I hope if Kristina has a blog,she shares some photos as we'd love to see some pictures of your trip.My youngest daughter loves Germany.I even bought some dvd's of the German cartoon Krtek for us to watch. ;) I wish you a fun and safe trip.

Sorry for the delay with the picture.Please enjoy Kristina's lovely letter and postcards (some funny) below:

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