Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Letter #26 from Michigan

Letter #26 arrived on a cute handmade card from Alannah in Michigan.If you recall in earlier posts,we just moved from Michigan,so hello old neighbor. :) I think she may live further up than we did....will have to check out the map.She says it's super cold there & it seems like Michigan has gotten its fair share of snow this winter season.Hope she has lots of hot chocolate to keep her warm.

She is married with two children,ages 5 and 3 months old...congratulations!She shared the story about the Michigan and Ohio War from 1835-1836.They had a dispute over the boundary lines called the Toledo Strip.There were no fatalaties in this war,but since it put Michigan in a financial crisis,they let Ohio have the disputed land in exchange for statehood and part of the Upper Peninsula.

Alanah enjoysbeing creative.She loves scrapbooking,quilting,knitting and crocheting.I have tons of scrapbooking stuff but too scared to start,would love to quilt myself a blanket,but again I don't know how to start.I have tried crocheting,which I love but somehow my chains don't come out right when I add on top...I'm always a stitch or two short,so I give up. :)

Thanks Alannah for the cute card and for writing us a letter!Here is her cute card below:

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