Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter #20 from Ohio

Letter 20 comes from Gabi in Cleveland,Ohio...not far from our old home in Michigan.Gabi attends the university there and is in her third year of school.She is studying Art History and also Asian Studies.She also enjoys studying French and Japanese in school,too.As you can see below,she loves taking photographs and sent pictures in representing each season in her area.I can remember the snow storms like that in Michigan...even though I hated it while we lived there I now miss it after being away almost 2 years. :( The snow can be so lovely,yet so dangerous.I think that's why Gabi says srping is her favorite season.

She likes to visit her friend that lives in the state capital,Columbus, on the weekends.She says in a city near there you can find Indian mounds that were built before the Europeans came to America.Some were used as burial grounds,while archaeologists believe some were used for astronomy.Pretty interesting.What is saddening is she said that the people who own the land put a golf course on it so people could be playing golf on top of burial mounds.I think we should try to preserve more of our history here in the U.S.

Gabi also mentions another thing we know Ohio is well known for- it's Amish community.We had planned to go shopping at their stores but never got around to it.She says they have amazing food.Her mother loves to buy their cheese and pastries.They are also well known for their crafts and furniture.In case you didn't know,the Amish people live without modern technology-no electricity means no ipods,computers,etc.They like to live off the land and make everything themselves....I often dream of being able to make everything myself but by the time that happens,I guess I'll be too old to do anything. ;)

Thanks Gabi for your wonderful letter and pictures!Please enjoy Gabi's letter and pictures of the four seasons below:

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