Tuesday, February 22, 2011

More letters to come...

We have two more wonderful letters to share later today (maybe even more after today's mail arrives) so please check in later.We hope everybody likes the new layout better.I had some other ideas but it didn't work out,so I gave up and settled for this.I hope everybody is enjoying the blog and as always,if you have any advice about the blog,etc., please share them with me,so I can improve it to make you all enjoy visiting.Thanks again to everybody that has joined and for all you wonderful people that have posted it on your blogs and in forums.I have emailed my 2 local papers over a month ago and have never heard back.If you know anybody that writes about penapals,letters,etc. and you think they would like our project,please let me know so that I can contact them to get the word out.We continue to get participants on a daily basis,but I really need to reach a bigger audience since we know there are many letter writers out there that can help us reach our goal.Our success depends on all of you.Thanks again! :)

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  1. Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog, Canadian Home Learning. I read your first post and what your project is all about. I will be talking to my kids about it and see about writing you a letter! I also want to pass the word around for you, so I will write a post on my blog soon too.
    Great project!


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