Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letter #12 from New York

Here is our 12th letter,which come from the Bronx in New York.Trish is 17 years old and already quite successful..she has received acceptance letters to college along with 3 scholarships....way to go Trish!I'm sure her parents must be so proud of her!She says that many people have misconceptions about the Bronx.I agree with her.I'm sure it's a great place to live.I have a bil and sil living close by so maybe I will get to visit the Bronx this summer.She is also a vegetarian and enjoys working at the hospital.She wants to be able to use her talents to help other people...kudos to you Trish!So many people need our help and I'm glad to see a teenager wanting to help others.Whatever path you choose,I'm sure you will make the best choice.It seems like Trish has a good head on her shoulders.Thanks Trish for writing and sharing your life with us.Congrats again on your scholarships and continue the great job you are doing...I'm proud of you!Here is Trish's letter below with a postcard:

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