Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Letter #22 from Canada

Letter #22 comes from April in Bay Bulls,Newfoundland,Canada.She works as a substitute teacher.Seems like we are getting a lot of teachers sending us letters.We'll have to take some statistics to see if most of our letters come from teachers.April also has a degree in Theatre...I think that could come in handy to make for one fun teacher. :) She has been to Scotland and in April she's going to Wales to visit a penpal.My daughters always hope to be able to meet their penpals one day.

April loves to read books and has sent us a list of books she recommends.I actually love when people recommend books to us because we actually try to find them to read them.One of her favorite books is Jane Erye...our favorite movie is Jane Eyre.We have the one that was original with parts missing but you wouldn't know it because they fixed it so good that you can't tell parts are missing.We truly love it...I don't think we'd like the other ones that are out,though.She says they are making a new version,but since Orson Welles won't be in it,I don't think it could be as good.

Becky has shared quite a bit about her city.Bay Bulls has been burned down eight times...six times by the French and twice by the Dutch.It has a deep harbor and close to the capital so it was a great military's the most often attacked and captured town in Newfoundland.This harbor was one of the earliest known harbors to European fishermen who came following Cabot's voyage of 1497.She also told us about the potential origins of the name of her town: 1.) The presence of bull walruses and bull birds that used to frequent the area
2.) Corruption of the French "Baie de Bois" or "The Wooded Bay".

Becky has shared so much great information in her letter but unfortunately I cannot type everything.Thank you so much Becky for sharing so much about your town with us.We really enjoyed reading it as we do with every letter we received.

Below is Becky's letter along with some pages that tell us even more about Newfoundland,which contains some interesting information for my girls.Thanks Becky!

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