Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Letters #8-11 from Virginia

This envelope arrived with letters from a mother and three of her kids,so we count each letter individually since they were written by different people.These letters come from a homeschooling family in the same state as us-Virginia.I would like to thank Shelenea and her three kids-Anna,Jacob and Taylar (I hope I spelled it right).These were our very first letters from kids and we loved them.Jacob is almost 10 and is a boy of few words,but knows what he likes-hunting fish and trapping.Anna is 6 and has great penmanship...she loves to smell do we Anna! :)
Taylar is 14 and is the oldest.Her favorite color is turquoise...that's mine,too.It's so calm and soothing.She is a very good sister...she loves to spend time with her siblings.She also enjoys literature and writing,among other things.Keep up the hard work Taylar and you will be successful in life. :) Shelenea is the mother and enjoys spending the summer with her large extended family...I've always wanted a large can never get bored.She also loves taking care of her family which is something we all value.She is currently hard at work chasing around her 10 month old,so she is quite the busy mom.Thanks to you all for writing and sharing a part of your life with us.We really enjoyed it! Here are their letters below:

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