Sunday, May 29, 2011

Letter #184 from Russia

Letter #184 comes from Maria (or Masha) in Russia.Maria lives in Arkhangelsk,a little town in the north of Russia.She is currently studying at the university.She hopes to have a career in forest engineering.She lives with her mom,whom she says "is the best mom in the world!".She also has a brother that is five years older than her.

She also has a cat named Chernish,which means "black".She also says that he is a very fat cat. :)

Maria loves people and says that it is better to have a few true friends than many pals that are not as close.She also gave us some advice and told us that we should try to do many different things to see what is interesting and important to ourselves.I definitely agree with that advice,too often we find ourselves miserable in life because we are doing what we thought would make others happy without thinking how it would affect us,the one who is actually doing it.We should go out and learn as much as we can to see what we truly like,you may find yourself interested in something you never thought you would like.She also told us that we should always believe in ourselves and not to dwell on things that don't go as's all a learning experience.

Thanks Maria for your wonderful letter with cute stamps and drawings,stickers,postcard,and movie cards,and also a cute recipe for carrot cake (one of my fave cakes!) ,which can be seen below:

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