Monday, May 16, 2011

Letters #177-180

Letters #177-180 come from a homeschooling family in Idaho.The first letter was from Kathy (the mother of the family).Kathy is married with three children.Her oldest child is in public school,but the other two are homeschooled.She wishes she didn't agree to public school for her oldest because of all the drama that goes  on in public school. ( I definitely know what she's talking about) So she will continue to homeschool the other two children to give them a better education.She requested her youngest two write letters for our project as part of their writing assignment,so I will now be sharing what they wrote.

Megan is in first grade and was told about our project by her father,who has also written to us.She also said that it was fun writing us a letter.

Next,was a letter from Jessica.Jessica is in the second grade.Her favorite subject is math and she loves to sing.She is quite happy because they have two more months of school before they get their summer break. (My girls were quite jealous since we homeschool year round.) ;) She also said that it was fun writing to us.

Last,but not least, was the letter from E.J. (the father of the family).He told us that he found out about our project through a website called the Fountain Pen Network,which another writer so graciously mentioned on there.He wrote to us using a fountain pen on a type of paper that used to be called Air Mail paper,but is now known as onion skin paper,it feels pretty cool.We really loved this paper.

E.J. really loves the old ways of writing.He prefers typewriters,fountain pens and pencils.I couldn't agree more.I have a small collection of typewriters myself,but they need some work done on them,unfortunately,so we haven't been able to use them lately. :( When they worked,my daughters loved using them.It just seems so much more fun typing a story on a typewriter than typing a story on the computer....I can't explain it.E.J. also agrees and found out that many writers have gone back to typing their stories on typewriters.He has actually completed typing a story up within one year on his typewriter and is now trying to find a publisher....maybe someone here can help him out?Maybe we can get the first printed copy...wink,wink. :)

He also told us that there are thousands of fountain pens available with ink in a rainbow of colors to choose from.Some of them wash out very easily with water and some can never be washed out.The second page of the letter was typed on his favorite typewriter,a Royal KMM.....I will have to check ours out because I think we may have the same kind.He says it's from 1949.Unfortunately when ours was shipped to us,it was damaged,so we never got to use ours. :( The typewriter was given to him by its original owner,who is now 90 years old.She was a secretary for a company that sold ant farms that were really popular years ago and was advertised in the back of comic books.Sounds like such a great story to keep with the typewriter!He reminded us all of how this typewriter was made to withstand being typed on 8 hours a day,5 days a week and that every single thing had to be typed out.He also reminded us about how accurate typists had to be because there are no delete or backspace buttons on typewriters. :)

He also told us that he told his friend in Australia about our project,so we hope we hear from his friend soon. :)

Thanks so much to E.J.,Kathy,Jessica, and Megan for all of your lovely letters,which can be seen below:

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