Saturday, May 21, 2011


Hello everybody!
Just wanted to update everybody and let you all know that letter posting will be updated in a few days due to my brother in law moving in with us and my back in a lot of pain from a very painful pulled muscle.I have 3 or 4 letters to post when I am better.Sign ups and letters have really slowed down lately,but we are well on our way to 200 letters,which is very exciting!It has been so exciting learning about everybody and their homeland.There are many countries we haven't gotten letters from and would love to learn about.If you are reading this and haven't sent us a letter,please consider writing to us.It doesn't matter if we got a letter from your country/state already,we will accept more than one letter from the same area.We have truly enjoyed every letter we have gotten and it's been fun seeing how creative people can be with their letters.It has given us some great ideas of how to incorporate some craftiness into our penpal letters.As always,we thank everybody that has posted our project on their blog,facebook,etc.We are almost halfway through the year and have many more letters to go before reaching our goal,but we know there are many people out there that enjoy letter writing or would at least do so to help us reach our goal,so if you know someone that may be interested,please send them our way.We would be really appreciative!Maybe you would like to share your vacation with us or maybe tell us what your dream vacation would be,whatever you would like to share,we'd love to read about it!Well,gotta go now so I can try to get some relief.Have a wonderful weekend! :)


  1. I'm wondering if you have the time to answer all these letters...
    It's a nice project!

  2. I hope you will be better soon. Almost 200 letters, that's great!


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