Friday, May 6, 2011

Letter #172 from Idaho

Letter #172 comes from Jennifer in Idaho.She lives in a suburb of Boise,the capital of the state.She is a freelance photographer and runs a small photography business from home.She loves the flexibility that working from home offers.In her free time,she enjoys reading,writing,cooking,camping,bird watching,beadwork,crocheting,cross stitching and playing hockey on her playstation 3.

Jennifer is also an avid long distance cyclist and can always be found riding as long as the temperature is above 10°.She enjoys running all of her errands by bike and also does longer rides for charity.

She lives in an area that is considered "high latitude" desert climate,with hot and dry summers.Fall and spring are her favorite time of the year with the mild weather.They sometimes get a lot of rain from March to May.Their winters are cold and snowy and she says that there is still a heavy blanket of snow on top of the mountains in the higher elevations.Burr!

Idaho is a rurla state with a population of 1.3 million people.She said that she read that they have double the amount in cattle.Idaho is also a very agricultural state and within a mile of Jennifer's house,she can see potatoes,sugar beet,onion,mint and hay fields.As many people in the U.S. know,Idaho is well-known for their potatoes.

As Jennifer mentioned earlier,she loves photography and she prefers to to take photos of landscapes and nature,but also takes pictures of weddings and kids sports.She also included some photos she took herself.One of her favorite places to take photos is at Boise Depot,which is an old train station that was in use until 1990.It is now a park and historical site.The pictures she included with her letter are of the folowing places: Jump Creek Falls,Eagle Island,Petit Lake,Sawtooth Mountains,Fairfield School House (I think this may be my favorite photo,although it was a hard choice),Boise Depot,Silver City (an old mining town that I would love to see in person,it remind me of Little House on the Prairie),her dogs (I thought they were both blind,but she says that both of them each have one blue eye and most people think that,too when they see them), and her last photo is of a pear tree that is in her backyard.Along with the photos,she enclosed four postcards,two have potato recipes (Potato Cheese Soup and Puff Potato Rounds),one shows downtown Boise and the last shows the Seven Devil Mountains.Last but not least,she included some cute stickers of Idaho.Thanks Jennifer for your lovely letter,beautiful photos,postcards,and stickers.You can see them all below:

PS-Sorry for the bad photo,her photos are really beautiful in person,but taking a picture of a picture isn't easy. :)

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