Sunday, July 3, 2011

Letter #194 from Minnesota

Letter #194 comes from Krissy in Minnesota.She wrote a short but sweet note on a beautiful Papyrus card she says she got from Target....I need to go check it out...haven't been to Target in a long time.

Currently,Krissy is taking a couple of summer classes at UMD (I believe that would be the University of Minnesota at Duluth).She has been very busy studying,but has made it a point to find time for fun stuff.She watched her sister compete at sections for track and she has gone to the beach a couple of times.I know when I think of Minnesota,I don't think of beach,I think of snowmen. :) She also went to see a play with her younger sister called "39 Steps".It's an Alfred Hitchcock remake and thought it was quite amusing.I can remember watching Alfred Hitchcock shows with my mom as a kid and I loved them.

Along with her beautiful notecard,she included the ticket stub from the play.Thanks Krissy for the lovely letter on a lovely notecard and your ticket stub,which can be seen below (sans ticket stub since I forgot to take it out for the photo):

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