Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter #200 from Pennsylvania

Letter #200 comes from Laurel in Pennsylvania.Laurel lives in the state capital,Harrisburg.She says that they have the most beautiful capital building.... Theodore Roosevelt said so. ;) Laurel works as a librarian.... wow,we really can't wait to tally up just how many librarians have written us,it's just amazing! Their summer theme this year is,"One World,Many Stories".She asked if we were participating in our summer reading program and I will proudly say yes,we never miss a summer reading program.My daughters have won some great prizes over the years,my oldest even won an ipod when they first came out.She,(I mean "Mr. El Geckito") mentioned she likes Jack Prelutsky's poems,especially the one about him saying, "he wants to eat a pizza the size of the sun".

She lives close to Hershey,where the Hershey Kisses were invented.She lives to visit the Hershey Gardens as opposed to the rollercoasters.Mrs. Hershey loved roses,so Mr. Hershey built a huge rose garden for her.Her letter ended with a question asking us what is interesting about our area.I would have to say the Blue Ridge Parkway,although we've never seen it,it looks amazing in books!

Thanks Laurel (and El Geckito) for the lovely letter,which can be seen below,along with a sticker from their summer reading program:

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