Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter #199 from Florida

Letter #199 comes from Carmen in Florida.Carmen is 19 years old and lives in Miami,but is from Honduras.She says that even though Miami isn't very big,there is so much to see.There are numerous different cultures living  in that one city.She said there are many Colombian carts and a lot of Cuban food.Even though everyone there loves the beach,she doesn't.

In Miami,it seems that everyone speaks Spanish.Carmen attends a church with many Brazilians.Of course,there are many Cubans there,too since Cuba is only 90 miles away from the lowest point in Florida,the Florida Keys.She says that you can actually see the island from there... I guess that is why so many people make the trek by boat since it is so close.I can't even begin to imagine being on the other side and seeing freedom so close and wanting your family to have a better life.She also noted that Disney is only 4 hours from where she lives.

Thanks Carmen for your lovely letter,which was written on an origami paper that gave directions on how to turn it into a heart. ♡ Her letter can be seen below:

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