Thursday, July 14, 2011

Letter #201 from Alaska

Letter #201 comes from Millie in Alaska.She is actually an Alaskan native,Alutiiq,to be exact,which is a mix of Aluet and Athabascan.She is a stay at home mom to a wonderful daughter.On the weekends she makes balloon animals at local restaurants.She says it's a lot of fun and an easy way to make money.I bet it's even more rewarding to see the smiles on the kids faces....who doesn't love a balloon animal?

Millie's family is originally from a tiny village called Perryville,which is on the Alaskan peninsula.As a child she spent her days fishing,playing on the beach,or playing outside with her many cousins or brothers.Millie learned to bake and crochet when she was merely three years old...yes three years old!How amazing is that! ....I can't even crochet so I'd feel really bad seeing a three year old do it. :)

She told us of how most people think Alaska is a cold,dark,dreary place,but that is only true in the winter season.She told us about how when she drives to work in the morning,it is dark and when lunch time comes,the sun has already set,so she might not see light when she has to work.Right now though the temperature is really great at around 60°.She was at the lake when she wrote this letter and says it gets pretty packed with people when the weather is nice.

She also said that they do have a lot of the same things that we have down here in the lower 48.They have fast food restaurants everywhere and they recently got another IMAX theater.She is patiently waiting and hoping that they get an Olive Garden restaurant so she can see if it's as good as people say it is.She also says she prefers to eat at a place called Moose instead of Arby's or McDonalds.I doubt we'll ever get a fast food place called Moose over here. :)

Thanks Millie for your lovely letter and postcards,which can be seen below:

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  1. lol! It's actually called "Moose's Tooth" and it's a FANTASTIC pizza place! :) Yes, the smiles on the faces of the kids are what make balloon twisting fun. One little boy gave (about 2) gave me a quarter tip and looked SO proud of himself. It's the best tip I've gotten so far, as far as the reactions. :)


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