Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Letter #205 from Texas

Letter #205 comes from Kayleen in Texas.Kayleen is a wife and mother to seven grown children.She currently works as a locksmith for a casino owned by the Chickasaw Nation in Oklahoma.Both her and her husband enjoy making quilts,cooking and even share in the hobby of penpalling...that is a first,usually only one spouse enjoys penpalling and mail,so that must be nice to be able to share the joy of letters with a loved one who gets it. :) They both also enjoy reading books and she said that her favorite book is called, Silas Marner,she said it's definitely a must read for a mature audience.

Kayleen is also a published poet and enclosed one of her poems for us to enjoy.She ende her letter saying that mail in the mailbox from an individual to another is a marvelous gift when compared to other less personal pieces like bills and dental appointments.I think I will have to agree with her on that thought.

Thanks Kayleen for your wonderful letter,poem and also a "how to" paper for making envelopes.She did note one thing that maybe someone can help answer for us,she said that envelopes that cannot be machined are charged extra and they do charge us extra at the post office,but when we get handmade envelopes in the mail,they put $.44 on and it gets to us without postage due,so my question is this,is there any ruling on this,what exactly do they mean when they say it cannot be machined?Is is the thickness or type of paper?Thanks in advance for your help!Enjoy Kayleen's letter below:

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