Sunday, June 19, 2011

Requesting a favor....

Hello everybody.I was hoping that you could help out my middle daughter,Fatima.She has written a story that she has entered for her very first writing contest.The grand prize is $1,000 along with some other goodies.She really wants to win the money to buy a Wacom drawing tablet since she really loves to draw and would love to be able to draw on the computer.I think she has so much potential in art with all the right tools.Anyways,she needs people to "heart" her story if they like it and the ten stories with the most hearts will be the finalists and from those one will be chosen.Voting ends on July 1st,so I hope you will take a moment to heart her story (if you like it).You will have to sign up for an account but it's quick and easy and you can read lots of other stories,too.Her story's title is called Vignis & you can click her to see it.It would be so great if you could also spread the word,she's so excited to win,but it does seem to be a popularity thing to get into the finals,but I told her not to give up till it's over.Thanks to all who vote for her and spread the word.She would be beyond thrilled if she won and I think it would finally motivate her to write more.I think she's really great at writing (I know I'm biased,but even if she wasn't my daughter,I think I would still think she was good at it). :)


  1. hey there!wow! i think what youre doing is sooo great .i love this creative idea.great post btw

  2. What drawing tablet for wacom does she want to buy? I am going to be buying a itous 4 small. If you daughter would like to be pen-palslet me know thru email, Oh and i am allso a homescholler.
    Thanks Bethany


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