Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Letter #190 from Massachusetts

Letter #190 comes from Emilie.Emilie was very creative with her letter and wrote on a paper bag from The Walden Pond gift cool is that?And of course she had some great stamps on it,with one of them being the new green stamps that says,"recycle more". :) Great job recycling Emilie...we really loved getting a letter on a bag,very clever,indeed.Emilie lives in Boston,MA,where she goes to college.She is studying hard for her Masters in French.Bonne chance Emilie with your studies!She has even included a bookmark showing the library at Boston College,which she says reminds her of Hogwarts.Wow,I would love to see that!I love beautiful libraries!

Emilie has sent us a couple of fun goodies to enjoy.She included a parking ticket,which she notes is not hers,she found it (no,she did not swipe it off a car) ;) ...she says that Boston is notorious for parking tickets.Hopefully if we ever visit Boston,we never have to see one with our information on it. :) She also inlcluded a T pass,which is the Boston Subway system and a ticket to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts,along with a brochure.

She also says that she plans to go whale watching this summer with her boyfriend.She is really excited about seeing a whale up close.I hope she does get to see at least one up close...I hear they are amazing!She also enclosed a brochure about this,too.Just in case there is any interest,the website is,last,but not least was a brochure featuring the Freedom Trail with some great pictures of places I would love to see,including  the Old Corner Bookstore.These pictures make you feel almost like you are back in time and I'm sure they are amazing to see in person.

Thanks Emilie for your lovely letter and "doodads" that you included.She told us she will tell her mother about our project,so hopefully she will be writing to us,too. :) Enjoy her letter and goodies below:

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