Sunday, January 9, 2011

We're so excited! (and we're not gonna hide it)

The project is starting off so great with people signing up every day to join.My daughters are so excited about collecting the letters from the mailbox and reaching our goal.The first letter should be in the postal system now but where it's from is a mystery.We will keep you all posted as soon as the first letter arrives.This is what we want to see below...send us your letters! :)

During the week we will also talk more about each other and what we hope to learn through this project.We want to hear from people of all backgrounds...writers,artists,homeschoolers,bloggers,authors,lawyers,etc.....we want to hear from all professions.Tell us what you love about your job...maybe it will influence us to pick a new career goal.Share your views of the world with us...tell us the good,tell us the us see things in ways we never thought of before.Help us see things in a new perspective.I want my children to have open minds and not see things in only one way,so share your thoughts and ideas with us.

Maybe you would like to add some goodies...we would love to get bus tickets,subway tickets,brochures,etc. from your country.Anything you would love to share,we would be beyond thrilled to get.It makes learning more fun when you have tangible items to remind you about certain places.We hope to even make some new penpals through this.Please feel free to leave off your address off the envelope if you want it to remain private,we'll understand.

Again,please help us spread the word...let's make 2,011 letters happen! We want to see a letter from every state and every continent...that shouldn't be too hard.We want to hear from you!Thanks again for the great response and thanks to our followers for following...we love ya!

Email us at to participate

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